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anne marie fijal
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  « Polymorphous composer, magnificent pianist, she writes for her instrument, solo or using backing tapes, works both grave and haunting, melodies which overwhelm the listener with poetic poignancy and a sense of nostalgia. She has worked with others including, over several years, the great Colette Magny. She writes for theatre, dance and cinema. In her creations, oratorios and concerts her sense of sound and pure emotion are unleashed within the music with striking sincerity. »
La Musique Contemporaine

« It may have been common in the 19th Century to juggle a career of composer and interpreter, but today it is almost unheard of. And what's more, in this case it is a woman. In this double album A.M. Fijal takes up the gauntlet with panache, playing both Beethoven's Sonata n° 32, Schumann's Kreisleriana together with works of her own composition, such as Fragments. Her compositions are energetic and full of contrast. The listener is enchanted by the vigour of the tone and the clarity of phrasing. Putting Beethoven and Schumann's works side by side with her own brings rich and sometimes surprising resonance. This recording is a must. »
La Musique Classique AOL

« I don't know why the musician originally billed parted company with his choreographer 8 days before the première. He was replaced at the drop of a hat by live music from an extraordinary pianist and composer, A.M. Fijal, and no stranger to performance art. She is also the recipient of the "Prix de la Critique Dramatique et Musicale" for her collected works.
During this performance her demonic music re-galvanised the dancers every time they seemed to reach the point of exhaustion. »
Les Nouvelles Saisons de la Danse

« A Fijal show is always a joy, an angel passing by, a suspended moment in time; quite simply-art. »
Le Figaro

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Master Class

J'aime l'enseignement sous la forme de stages et de Master class.
Nombreuses Master class en France, en Inde (Delhi-Bangalore)

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